Friday 26 February 2016

FIM2010: Selective Import Attribute Flow


Although FIM allows you to filter objects on import in the connector configuration, it does not allow you to filter attribute values for a certain population. An example use case could be: "Import all mobile numbers from HR, but not the mobile numbers for person X, Y and Z". Reason for this could be that the X, Y and Z's numbers should not occur in the global address list or some other system where they can be viewed by others.

This problem can be solved by manipulating the import attribute flow. Simply block the value of the mobile number for these people to flow to the metaverse. To complete this solution, make sure "allow null on export" is enabled on all export attribute flows for mobile. Also, if it is possible for people to update their mobile number in data sources other than HR, make sure there is an import attribute flow from these sources to prevent data loss. Alternatively, it can be solved by manipulating all export attribute flows for mobile numbers. Because this would have an impact on possible future export attribute flows for mobile, the import approach seems the way to go.