Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Roles become cards ?

I agree with Dave Kearns when he says

Good post today ("No User Context Decisions in your Enterprise?") from Pam Dingle ...
Situations #1 and #4 in Pam's post are theoretically resolved using a role based access control approach. This leads me to the following two questions:
  1. Does role equal context ?
  2. Do (virtual) cards become a convenient means for activating one's role ?
Answering my own questions, I would say "yes" for both situations.


Anonymous said...

Hi Robin - other Robin here (Robin Wilton)... Two things: first, I just spotted myself in your blogroll, and wanted to say thanks for including me!

Second, I think of role as being one factor which is part of context... That is, I would use the term 'context' to describe a much wider set of parameters, which might include things like "what device am I using", "what kind of connection/session do I have" and so on.

In my 'privacy scheme of things' (and I appreciate that there are many others), 'context' is the set of factors which, for example, helps me to decide what data I am prepared to disclose...

In that instance, it would include "who am I expected to disclose to?", "why", "for how long", "which data items", and so on...

Hope this helps...

Best wishes,


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